Ace Tucker Space Trucker Episode 12: You Really Are a Piece of Work

A brand new episode of Ace Tucker Space Trucker is live today! If you haven’t listened to the podcast, you really should. It’s the coolest damn thing I’ve ever made. It’s a serial sci-fi comedy podcast and is intended to be listened to in order, so start with Episode 1.

But, if you’re all caught up, dig on the brand-ass-new episode!


The Shiny Man has left Betty with the intention of killing Elvis in the womb. Ace has no choice but to risk it all and interface with the nanobots that used to inhabit Elvis’s body. With the power of the nanobots coursing through his veins, Ace meets the Shiny Man head-on! But the Shiny Man is a tricky butthole and things don’t go quite as planned.


Ace Tucker Space Trucker Episode 11

After their capture, Ace and the gang are in rough shape but Ivan has an ace up his sleeve. Pun! By using the cybernetic spike he uses to jack into computers, Ivan is able to peel up part of the floor and, with Hank’s help, gain access to free them all. Their elation is short lived as they discover The Shiny Man has taken them back to the year 1935 with the intention of killing Elvis in the womb. Ace must make a decision that has consequences across all of space and time.


A Little Commentary

And…We’re back. I hope a one-week hiatus wasn’t too much for y’all to take. I know it was murder for me. But we’re back and the action is just about to get KA-RAY-ZEE!! Just so you know, we are plowing head-long with new episodes every week until the conclusion of Season One in six weeks. That’s right kids, we’re on a collision course for glory! Ace and the gang have just six more episodes to wrap this crazy adventure up. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will The Shiny Man win? Will Hank ever stop using the F Word!? You’ll just have to iTune in (crappy pun) and find out!

Interview with Backyard Space Opera

Backyard Space Opera is a super awesome podcast all about low budget science fiction, micro budget filmmaking, and independent science fiction and fantasy media creation. I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the hosts, Kyle Erwin.


Also, check out this INSANELY AWESOME artwork Kyle Erwin created!!

The gauntlet has been thrown down, artists! If you think you can beat Kyle’s artwork, bring it on!

Ace Tucker Space Trucker Episode 10 Plus Interview with Geek Speak!

Episode 10: Long Live The King…

Ace learns more about the secret and awesome nature of Elvis’s Cadillac… and then everything goes to hell.


A Little Commentary

Shit. Goes. Down!

This was an awesome (and hard) scene to write. When it came time to record, I spent a lot of time trying to capture the emotional impact on Ace and gang through the performance, sound effects and music.

This is the moment where everything, for everyone, changes forever…for better or for worse.

But, at least we learn what REALLY happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. So, that’s pretty cool.


This is also the mid-season break. New episodes will resume in two weeks and we will plow through Act 3 until we culminate on a very awesome and very satisfying conclusion over the next seven weeks.


Interview with Geek Speak – Big Red Barrel

I did a lengthy interview with the super awesome ladies at Geek Speak – Big Red Barrel. Check it out!



Ace Tucker Space Trucker Episode 09

Episode 09: Expeditiously Expository

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After Ace’s tummy settles, he runs into April Massey as she is trying to drag her Elvis impersonator brother away from the chaos surrounding Graceland. Betty and the Cadillac are drawn together and rocket into outer space–but not before Ivan uses the grappling beam to scoop up Ace, April and (the suddenly appeared) Agent Calhoun. Once on board, Ace learns that the Cadillac is no ordinary car and has a secret that changes everything.

A Little Commentary

This episode really heats up the story and the danger. For, it is here you learn how and why Elvis Presley had a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz hidden in the master bedroom of Graceland for so many years.

The stakes are raised and things get more bizarre than you can possibly imagine.

This episode also contains one of my favorite scenes! Ivan has a huge distaste for Mary Ann, the plucky farm girl from the classic TV show, “Gilligan’s Island.” And you’ll find out why…



Episode 7: You’ve Got Some Nerve

In the secret underground tunnels that run to Graceland, Ace is met by a foul-mouthed guard tasked with keeping everyone except Elvis out. By using some quick thinking, Ace makes it into Graceland where he finds the source of the weird energy readings Betty’s scanners picked up earlier that day. Thwarted again, Ace and Ivan attempt coming at the problem from a new angle…with terrible results.

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A Little Commentary

This episode really shines because we get to know my FAVORITE character in the entire series: Hank the Basset hound.

There is also a ton of action! And it was fun to act out Ace’s (and the rest’s) reactions to what’s going down.

Also, Ace FINALLY makes it into Graceland and learns there are some crazy ass secrets on the second floor.

This episode also has the best and most dramatic ending (yet) of any episode in the series. I really struggled with whether or not to let what happens actually go down. But, the story comes first…

If you only get ONE uncensored episode, this is the one to get. Hank really, REALLY, REALLY has a filthy mouth.

Episode 6: Strange Things are Afoot on Elvis Presley Blvd.

A Little Commentary

This episode is a pivotal one in our tale. It is here where Ace gleans tons of new information about the strange circumstances surrounding much of Elvis Presley’s life. A major inspiration for much of this odd trivia came from the wacky and wonderful book Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection by Michael Luckman. It’s completely nuts but if you’re into weird conspiracy theories, rock n roll and aliens, it’s definitely worth a read. Of course, the mythology I’ve built around Elvis Presley for Ace Tucker Space Trucker is much more elaborate (and nuts).


My Interview with Tom and Dan

I did a 20-minute interview with the greatest ‘caster is the biz: Tom and Dan. It was super fun and you can feast your ear-holes on it over at A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan. The interview aired on terrestrial radio on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando on June 30, 2017 and you can listen to it over and over thanks to the miracle of the Interwebz here.


Episode 06: Strange Things are Afoot on Elvis Presley Blvd.

April takes Ace to the punk show where he learns about bizarre and otherworldly events that transpired throughout Elvis Presley’s life. Ivan breaks up Ace’s conversation with an Elvis trivia expert because things have gotten weird at the area surrounding Graceland. When Ace gets back to Elvis Presley Blvd, he learns “weird” is just the tip of the iceberg.