Bonus Episode 2: WXYZPDQ

Ace and Ivan tune into an Earth radio station and listen to 30 minutes of uninterrupted rock.

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Fifty Dollar Famous: Lower Your Standards

Lower Your Standards

Fifty Dollar Famous

One drummer. One bass player. And zero f@cks.

On a cold Saturday night in January 2016, Fifty Dollar Famous set up at Craterface Studios in warm and cheerful Centerville, OH. They checked some levels then bullshitted around and watched House Hunters until bed time.Sunday morning they ate cereal while they checked local real estate listings. Then they got to work. From 10:30 AM until 6:30 PM they wrote and recorded 10 brand new punk rock anthem. The result (with the addition of two previously recorded tracks written and recorded in under an hour) is the most punk album ever made: Lower Your Standards.

Fifty Dollar Famous is

James R. Tramontana: bass/vocals
Andris M. Devine: drums/vocals

RIYL: Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Mentors, Sloppy Seconds, Off, Cerebral Ballzy.

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Fifty Dollar Famous – We Play Punk For Money

We Play Punk For Money – digital 7″
Sounds like: Off, Black Flag, The Mentors, Sloppy Seconds, Ramones, Mudhoney, L7

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Fifty Dollar Famous is a two-piece band that plays punk for money.
One drummer. One bass player. And zero fucks. This isn’t lo-fi recording. This is NO-fi recording.
We Play Punk For Money was written and recorded in under an hour.
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