Bonus Episode 2: WXYZPDQ

Ace and Ivan tune into an Earth radio station and listen to 30 minutes of uninterrupted rock.

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Episode 7: You’ve Got Some Nerve

In the secret underground tunnels that run to Graceland, Ace is met by a foul-mouthed guard tasked with keeping everyone except Elvis out. By using some quick thinking, Ace makes it into Graceland where he finds the source of the weird energy readings Betty’s scanners picked up earlier that day. Thwarted again, Ace and Ivan attempt coming at the problem from a new angle…with terrible results.

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A Little Commentary

This episode really shines because we get to know my FAVORITE character in the entire series: Hank the Basset hound.

There is also a ton of action! And it was fun to act out Ace’s (and the rest’s) reactions to what’s going down.

Also, Ace FINALLY makes it into Graceland and learns there are some crazy ass secrets on the second floor.

This episode also has the best and most dramatic ending (yet) of any episode in the series. I really struggled with whether or not to let what happens actually go down. But, the story comes first…

If you only get ONE uncensored episode, this is the one to get. Hank really, REALLY, REALLY has a filthy mouth.

Episode 5: Be a Ritz, Find the El Dorado

Ace is now a bona fide hero in the eyes of the employees and management of the KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd. April shows Ace how KFC makes their tasty chicken then invites him and Ivan to a punk rock show that evening. Before the show, Ace and Ivan try to sneak into Graceland but things go haywire. Then, an Elvis impersonator gives Ace a cryptic message.

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Elvis Lives 

For years people have been saying Elvis is alive. Is it  true?




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Ace Tucker Space Trucker Update


I am knee-deep in recording episodes of the greatest serial science fiction comedy action adventure podcast ever written, recorded, voiced and edited by one person: Ace Tucker Space Trucker.

7 of 17 Episodes Are Complete

And I’m shooting to launch the podcast with the first THREE in late June. Each week I will post a new episode, for a total of seventeen action-packed, hilarious, rocking, unexpected episodes!

After Launch, I Will Post a New Episode Every Week

The entire story, which I am calling Season 1, will run for seventeen action-packed, hilarious, rocking, unexpected episodes! If it is well received, there will be a new season in the future.

This is where the magic happens: CRATERFACE STUDIOS.



Go Ace Tucker Go, will be released iTunes a little before the podcast launches, so keep an eye out for that.


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